2005年11月29日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Flat Screens That Do Double Duty

■サムスン LCD TV

・duty  義務、務め、職務、任務、責務
・productivity  生産性、生産力
・in the meantime  その一方で
・momentum  はずみ、勢い、弾み
・built in  中に組み込まれた、内蔵(式)の、内蔵されている
・affordable  手ごろな[良心的な・手の届く・無理なく買える]価格の


Flat screens that do double duty. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. It’s not the kind of thing that works in every setting, but adding a flat LCD screen designed to work as both a computer monitor and a high definition TV screen can save money and space in a bedroom or home office. Gateway and Samsung are among the companies with new models that can be used that way. Gateway is selling a 21 inch widescreen high definition LCD display….with a variety of inputs… for under six hundred dollars. Convergence product planner John Schindler….

”It’s a widescreen monitor so if you’re playing DVD videos, you’re watching TV or you’re doing productivity applications like Excel spreadsheets or multiple presentations, you can actually fit two 8 and a half by eleven sheets of paper within that monitor.”

Samsung, in the meantime, is out with the 940 MW, a widescreen 19 inch high def LCD screen, with a built in TV tuner, speakers and an FM radio. Director of Display Marketing David Nichols….

”We certainly see a great deal of momentum towards a dual purpose display. Because people want to have a single display that can handle computer input as well as all of their television viewing needs.”

The estimated street price is under 700 dollars. Still perhaps expensive, but high definition screens of all sizes are a lot more affordable than they were a year or two ago. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.








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2005年11月25日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Streamload Readies MediaMax

■Streamload MediaMax ベータ版 ファイル共有サイト

・complicate  複雑な、込み入った、折り重ねられた
・gigantic  非常に大きな、膨大な
・exceed  越える、上回る、突破する、〜をしのぐ、〜に勝る、〜より大きい
・attachment  添付ファイル
・representation  代理
・purposely   わざと、故意に、意図的に、わざわざ


Sharing your digital creations. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. Sharing digital photos is simple through any number of Web sites…or by email. But sharing digital video…with friends and family….is a bit more complicated. Video files can be gigantic….and far exceed the file size attachment limits of most email services. So how do you solve the problem….a number of file sharing services offer solutions. Streamload…which has free basic services…is launching what it calls MediaMax. It will give subscribers an unlimited amount of storage space for digital videos, photos and music….and the ability to share legal content with others. Marketing director Mike Corrales…

”It handles up to HD quality video, there’s no file size limits. So you can literally upload videos of any size, any quantities of videos and with the click of a button, share them very easily. It also includes a full photo sharing application which allows people to share full quality photos. So it’s not the small JPEG representations of your original photo that you’re sharing. You’re actually sharing the original files. It also has a music locker, which allows anywhere, anytime access to your entire MP3 collection.”

There is a basic free account…which may not be sufficient if you’re sharing high resolution photos or video. Streamload is counting on attracting users to it subscription service for ten dollars a month….which is not quite unlimited…

”There actually are limits but they’re set very, very high purposely so that 99 percent of people will never actually encounter the limit.”

There are others out there… Grouper.com creates online communities for sharing files. It’s a free service that let’s you choose whether you want to share your files with everyone….or with private groups. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.

>>参考記事 Streamload、無料で10GBのストレージサービスを開始

Streamload MediaMax ベータ版 ファイル共有サイト


Grouper.com オンライン動画共有サイト









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2005年11月24日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Portable Scanning for Receipts, Business Cards



・receipt  領収書、受領(書)、レシート
・business card  名刺
・lump  塊、集合体、たくさん
・wind up  結末がつく、後始末をする
・dresser  化粧ダンス
・crammed into  《be 〜》〜でひしめいている
・drawer  引き出し、たんす
・invoice  請求明細書、送り状、仕入れ書、インボイス、納品書、請求書
・feed  入力する
・expense  費用、経費、支出、代金、出費額
・flatbed  平台型の
・allocate   〜を割り当てる、計上する、あてがう
・appropriate  適切な、適当な
・federal tax  連邦税
・charitable  慈悲深い
・deduction  控除
・dividend  配当(金)、分け前


Taking those lumps…out of your wallet and pockets. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. Maybe they wind up on the dresser…or in a shoebox. Chances are you’ve got receipts of all kinds crammed into your wallet…..and a collection of business cards in desk drawers and shirt pockets. A company called NeatReceipts….has updated its portable scanner to include software that lets you store not only digital copies of receipts, but business cards as well. Chief operating officer Rafi Spero…

”We started off doing receipts and what we learned is that people wanted to do business cards, paper documents, invoices, etcetera. They wanted a paper free life. So we expanded upon the receipts and we built different modules in order to meet what customers wanted in order to get a paper free life.”

The sheet fed scanner…that you can take with you in a brief case…is powered through a USB port. On the receipt end….the software can automatically categorize expenses…and can export to Microsoft’s Excel, Money, Quicken or QuickBooks. On the business card side….you can link to Microsoft’s Outlook or use the vCard format for other programs. You can scan photos as well…although the resolution is not as good as what you’d find in a flatbed scanner designed for that. Spero says there is more to come…

“Actually in the next two months, we’re coming out with a tax manager which will automatically allocate the taxes to the appropriate federal tax schedules for you. So you can use NeatReceipts throughout the year. End of the year you’re going to run a simple report and it tells you your charitable deductions, your stock dividends, etcetera, automatically, just by keeping a record of it in NeatReceipts.”

The price, about 200 dollars. You can find more information at NeatReceipts.com. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.











NS-NB2 名刺ブレーンなんてのが、ありますねぇ。



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2005年11月21日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Microsoft Opens Windows for Xbox 360


Xbox 360のブログポータルサイト「Jump-in.jp」

・extender  拡張する装置
・compelling  強制的な、従わざるを得ない
・fidelity  厳守、忠誠、忠実


Microsoft opens Windows…for the next generation Xbox. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. With the Xbox 360 arriving later this month…..Microsoft is hoping to give families…even those that aren’t big game players….a reason to buy one. It has updated the 2005 Media Center Edition of Windows XP…so that the Xbox 360 will connect to it ….and act as a Media Center extender. Windows product manager Tracy Overby….

”Update roll up 2 does a couple of things. One of the most compelling is that it makes Xbox 360 an extender for Media Center. All the great digital entertainment you have on your Media Center, your videos, your photos, recorded TV… all of that content, including the service and content providers in online spotlight can be sent to any room in your home.”

It can be used to watch live TV as well…

“And the great thing about Xbox 360 is it’s the most high fidelity extender experience that we’ve had to date. Specifically, people will be able to send high definition content stored on their Media Center to any room in the house through the Xbox 360.”

The system uses 802.11a wireless networking….not the typical B or G connections that are most common. And there’s still no resolution to the blocking of premium content from HBO from being streamed around the house through an extender. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.

>>参考記事 マイクロソフト、次世代機「Xbox 360」を正式発表

Xbox 360にiPod互換機能--マイクロソフトの独断にアップルはどう出る?

Xbox 360 発売記念パック(初回限定生産) 特典
ファイナルファンタジーXI ベータバージョン付き









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2005年11月18日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Virtual Pets and People

・spur  〜に拍車を掛ける、弾みをつける
・handheld  携帯用の、携帯型の
・puppy  子犬
・interactive  相互に作用する、相互作用的な
・perspective  展望、見込み、(将来の)見通し
・interaction  相互作用、交流、相互関係


Virtual pets and people. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. Furby is back from Hasbro featuring what the company calls Emoto-tronics and the ability to speak hundreds of words and understand a variety of commands. Nintendo is using virtual pets called Nintendogs to spur sales of its DS handheld unit. Realistic looking puppies that live inside the machine…..but can interact with other Nintendogs within wireless range. And Mattel has virtual people…Pixel Chix….an on screen friend that lives in a little plastic house. VP Stephanie Cota says…

”The whole idea was really to come up with something that was sort of interactive from a friendship perspective. So that’s sort of how Pixel Chix was born. The idea that you have a 2-D girl living in a 3-D world. And the more you sort of play and interact with her, the more things that you can accumulate for her and the house.”

Ignore your Pixel Chix character….and she’ll pack her suitcase and leave. A reset button lets you start over.

”And what’s also really cool about this is…know how girls like to be social, is the idea that if I have one and you have one and we connect them together, then they can go to each other’s houses and they can interact. If you have more than two, you can connect them in a line and they can do a fun little dance or they can do sort of a fun little song and there’s just a lot of fun interaction built into it.”

There are no Pixel Guys to visit…at least not yet. The price, about 30 dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.

>>参考記事  インターネットでファービー情報をGET!










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2005年11月17日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Attack of the Zombie Computers

・Federal Trade Commission  FTC:米連邦取引委員会
・enforcement  主張
・attorney  法律家、弁護士
・infected with  感染する
・malicious  意地の悪い、悪意のある
・remotely  間接的に
・denial  否定、拒否、拒絶、否認
・transmit  送る、送信する、伝送する、発信する


The attack of the zombie computers. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission have issued a new warning to users of high speed Internet connections….that their computers could be turned into what they call zombies. Aaron Kornblum is Microsoft’s Internet safety enforcement attorney…

”Zombie computers are computers that have been infected with some sort of malicious code that enables someone to remotely control your computer. You might not even be aware that someone has taken control of your computer to use it to commit all sorts of cyber crimes, including spam, perhaps lauching a denial of service attack or do other things.”

It may not be easy to tell if your computer has been hijacked. Using a firewall and security software can help. And, says Kornblum…

”You can check for free at www.microsoft.com/security and learn if your computer does have malicious code on it and learn how to get that code removed. Zombie computers have become an increasing challenge on the Internet. They’re now being used to send more than half of all spam that’s being transmitted illegally to end users. And that’s a growing concern and one that has caused us to partner with the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Action, to alert consumers to this growing danger of zombie computers and help them learn what they can do to help stop zombies.”

While it can be inconvenient…a step as simple as turning your computer off when you aren’t using it…can also help. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.







【 失って 初めてわかる 大切さ 】


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2005年11月15日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

New Hybrid Wired Phone...From Verizon
新しいハイブリッドな有線電話が ベライゾンから。

・mount  〜を取り付ける、はめ込む
・stock quote  株価、株式市況、株式相場、株価情報
・boot up  起動する
・fingertip  指の先端、指先
・feed to  〜に与える、〜に供給する
・subscriber  予約購読者、購読者、加入者


A new kind of phone….from a baby bell. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. With a big color LCD screen…it could be a digital photo frame. But it has a 5.8 gigahertz cordless phone mounted to one side….a speakerphone in the front….and behind the screen is a DSL wireless router with four wired network ports as well. It’s a communications device Verizon calls Verizon One. Product manager Christine Mogee…

“You have to be a Verizon DSL customer to get the phone, but on the color screen, because your DSL is always on, you can get access to news headlines, sports scores, weather information, stock quotes, restaurant listings, SuperPages access as well. So some of that information that maybe you don’t want to boot up your PC, you just want at your fingertips maybe in your kitchen, your family room. So it’s select Internet content that we feed to the device.”

The phone, with its color touch screen…includes an addressbook, call log and calendar and memo pad….

”It’s almost like a command center for a busy household. It allows folks to keep their addressbook and calendar in one place and on this cool, color touch screen. People can also download their own pictures.”

That can be used as wall paper or a slide show screensaver on the display. The information entered is stored online…on Verizon servers….and can be accessed from any Internet connected PC. The Verizon One phone sells for about 200 dollars….there’s a fifty dollar discount for new DSL subscribers signing a one year contract. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.












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2005年11月14日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

High Tech Solutions...to Everyday Problems

・expectant  子どもが生まれるのを心待ちにしている
・literally  文字どおり、完全に、事実上、本当に、まさに
・bracelet  ブレスレット、腕輪
・strategist  戦略家、ブレイン、実務者
・ on regular basis  定期的に、習慣的に、日ごろから
・pilot  試験的な


High tech solutions….to everyday problems. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. Researchers at Intel have been working on ways to put technology to work…solving some new…and some old problems. They’ve created things like a watch…for expectant fathers….that allows them to literally feel…the kicks of a baby inside the mother. She wears a belt that sends out the signals. And using a bracelet, RFID sensors and a computer, researchers have designed a system that allows medical professionals or relatives to keep track of people who are aging, but want to maintain as much independence as possible. Manny Vara is a technology strategist with Intel’s research and development labs….

On a regular basis, you get a nurse that will come to a person’s home with something they call they activities of daily living sheet. And it’s just a check sheet. Is this person taking her medicine? Can she still cook. The problem is, if you fast forward a few years when you have so many people who are older, the thinking is that we might not have enough professional staff and nurses to actually take care of everybody who needs to do this. So if we can automate it, so the form is basically here…and as grandma is moving around and doing everything, your house actually can tell and can start filling out that form automatically.”

How far off is the technology from becoming available?

”We’ve done pilot programs and we have some more coming up. But we’ve already done some with Alzheimer’s patients and we’ve seen some good results so far.”

Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.






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2005年11月10日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Lucas' Empire Strikes Again

・division  課、部、部門、事業部
・empire  帝国、皇帝
・sequel  続編、後編、続き
・step up  進歩[向上]させる
・classic  よく知られた、有名な
・multiplayer  ゲームが多人数参加型の
・entice  誘惑する、うまい話で釣る


Lucas’ Empire strikes again. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. LucasArts….the gaming division of George Lucas’ empire…..releases Star Wars Battlefront U next week….a sequel to the best selling Star Wars game of all time. John Geoghegan is VP of global marketing and sales….

”It’s really a step up from the original game. You can fight in space, you can play as a Jedi, you can also play all of the classic scenes from Episode V. It’s got multiplayer, I think it’s up to 16 players on multiplayer. And so basically for us, it’s taking the original idea of playing anywhere you want and expanding it to space and playing as a Jedi and classic scenes from Episode V.”

There are versions for the Xbox, PlayStation U and for the first time, the PlayStation Portable…

”People who own the PSP are already console players, but they like to have a portable version of the game to take with them. One thing we did with Battlefront U is we built a special version just for the PSP. It’s not simply a port of the PS2 game.”

LucasArts is hoping that will entice some game players…to buy the PSP version in addition to the console game. Battlefront I sold more than 3 and a half million copies…and LucasArts thinks Battlefront U….timed to the release of Star Wars Episode V on DVD….may sell even more. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.

スター・ウォーズ バトルフロントU(英語だけど、何かすごい!)

PlayStation.com ゲームソフト スター・ウォーズ バトルフロントII(日本語、予約できる)







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2005年11月09日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Sony Calls it a Digital Living System

・definition  鮮明度、明確にすること、定義
・inability  無能、不能、できないこと
・optical  視覚の、視力を助ける、視覚的な


Sony calls it…a Digital Living System. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. Using the latest update to Microsoft’s Media Center Edition of Windows XP, Sony has created a home entertainment PC and combined it with a 200 disc CD and DVD changer/recorder. Xavier Lauwaert is Sony’s program manager for desktops and notebooks….

”Rather than your CDs and DVDs lying on a shelf, you basically have to browse through it, you don’t know which DVDs you still have, which CDs you have, with here, we’re putting all of that content into a changer and having that meta data download, you can basically browser, on your TV, using your remote or your wireless keyboard, your whole library in front of you. It’s completely unique, nobody else is out there with this.”

The PC uses Intel’s latest Pentium D dual core processor, has a 200 gigabyte hard drive and includes HDMI connections for use with high definition screens. But the box does not include a high definition TV tuner…in fact media center PCs, still don’t have the capability to display HD signals from cable or satellite boxes…

”That would probably be the Holy Grail that we’re all looking for in the PC industry. I cannot venture when we’ll have it. We would very much like to have it as soon as possible because we want to offer that complete package to the end user. That is the one Achilles heal that we have currently…the inability to record HD TV signals.”

Sony’s XL1 Digital Living System sells for about 23 hundred dollars…with that big optical disc changer/recorder included. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.

Sony  XL1 Digital Living System (英語)








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2005年11月08日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

Color Palm...at a Low Price
カラフルなパーム しかも、値段が安い

・follow up  フォローアップ、結果の検討、再調査、検証
・hesitant  ためらって、おじけづいて、弱気で、気後れして、ためらいがちな
・handhelds  手持ちサイズの機械[コンピュータ]
・volatile  不安定な、変わりやすい、急変する


A low end Palm with color. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. Palm is out with its first 99 dollar PDA…with a color screen. The Z22 is aimed at first time PDA owners…..and even after all these years….product manager Andrea Johnson says there are lots of folks in that category still out there….

”When we did the original Zire product at 99 dollars, we brought in a tremendous number of new users. We did our follow up research and 70 percent of them were new to the category. And we hope to do something really similar with this product. And what was nice about the original Zire, too, was that we brought in a lot of different kinds of customers who had been a little bit hesitant about technology. Like women, they hadn’t been big users of handhelds. But we had almost 50 percent women with the original Zire.”

While you can view photos on the Z22, it does not include an SD memory card slot to expand storage capacity. The built in 32 megabytes of memory, however, is non-volatile…which means that if you forget to charge it….you won’t lose all of the pictures, phone numbers and appointments you have stored. Also new…on the higher end…is the Palm TX. It includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connections….along with an SD card slot and a large, high resolution screen….

Twelve and a half million people have installed home networks for WiFi. We think this is going to be that classic kind of PDA customer, probably is going to have WiFi installed at home and may very well have it at work on their work campus as well.”

The Palm TX sells for about 300 dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.

米 Palm が 100 ドルを切る初のカラー機「Palm Z22」と無線 LAN、Bluetooth 搭載の「Palm TX」を発表










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2005年11月01日  国際人マラソン(英語学習+最新テクノロジー)

A Feminine Spin on Games for Cell Phones

・feminine  女の、女性(用)の
・revenue  収入、収益、利益
・Co-founder  共同創立者
・ring tone  着メロ
・wallpaper  待受け
・solitaire  ソリティア◆ボードゲーム
・solitary   孤独な、一人の、独りぼっちの


Putting a feminine spin on games for cell phones. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today’s technology. More than ninety million women in the U.S. are cell phone users according to the Yankee Group….and carriers are always looking for new ways to increase what they call average revenue per user. In other words….how can they get you to spend more every month. Ring tones are big business…and a company called LimeLife is betting females are also willing to pay for games and other applications on their phones. Co-founder and CEO Kristin McDonnell….

”Right now the ring tone and wallpaper market is very large. So half of the people downloading ring tones and wallpaper to their phone are women. When we get into games, it’s only about a third are women. So we know that women are interested in downloading things to their phone, but when it comes to games, something isn’t quite right there with women. If we look at the Web, however, 60 percent of the people playing games on the Web are women. So we know that women have a high interest in playing games, but right now the games that are available on their phones typically are not of interest to them.”

LimeLife created a game called Word Heaven being sold by Verizon Wireless….and has other deals with Cingular and Sprint…

”Coming up is Girls Night Out Solitaire. And this basically takes your familiar solitaire game, but gives it a night on the town twist.”

Making solitaire…a little less solitary. You can find more information at LimeLife.com. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I’m Fred Fishkin.










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